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Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao Beer


Since 1903 a well renowned and authentic Chinese beer brand has been providing people from around the world with a real taste of China. Tsingtao Beer was founded by British and German settlers in August 1903. The history dates to many years ago, from then onwards Tsingtao Beer has gone to be a highly successful Chinese brand due its true uniqueness and quality.


Tsingtao Beer operate local beer pubs in areas of Qingdao neighbourhood. The Qingdao chain stores proved to be very effective with their own unique design to showcase the Tsingtao history and brand to the public.

They understood that it would be an advantage to their business strategy and revenue stream to expand their chain stores to the Dalian area. Their current development strategy was to expand out to further neighbouring cities within China, however they needed support to have a better innovation expansion to their local beer pubs, with the help from SHINE’s design team an effective deliverable was delivered.


We were able to help and support Tsingtao beer by composing a proposal presentation. The presentation was of high calibre and included relevant visuals and content to attract the attention of the management team. The final product was a detailed presentation pack, it included the values of the company plus the strategy needed to implement similar style beer pubs in Dalian city.